EE Printing understands that not every business has an in-house designer or the resources to contract a graphic artist. EE Printing offers affordable graphic design services as part of added value to their printing products.

Wesley studied graphic design in college. After he met Tory, she convinced him he could use his graphic design skills to help their business clients put together their marketing materials. And then they could bring the graphic concept to life in their print shop. They have designed everything from business cards, to post cards, to even the logo for their clients.

 What was your favorite graphic design job?

Tory: We made these full-color post cards for Pho Viet-Anh, a Vietnamese pho shop that just started to offer sandwiches on their menu. The postcard featured a close-up of a Vietnamese sandwich and a special offer that if you brought in the coupon, you’d get a free sandwich. The postcards were so successful; the owner told us people were photocopying the postcard in order to get a free sandwich.

Wes: That was also a full-service job for us—designs, printing, mailing. We got to work on the project from start to finish.

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