Brochure / Flyer

EE Printing’s second-most popular product. Brochures come in a full range of colors (one color to full color) available in a large selection of fold and sizes  
Organizations like to print flyers to promote specials and events. EE Printing keeps their clients’ flyers on file, so that organizations can just email or call in to update the content. Flyers can be printed in black and white, one to two colors, to full color, in a wide variety of paper types. 
80# gloss book
100# gloss book
100# matte book
100# gloss Cover
1.       4/4 Full color on both side
2.       4/1 Full color font&  B/W back
3.       4/0 Full color One Side
4.       1/1 One color both sides
5.       2/0 Two color one side
Coating :
-UV coating (Super High-Gloss)
-          Tri-Fold
-          Half Fold
-          Z-Fold
-          And much more
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