EE printing is a family owned company over 15 years. We are a full-service print shop that offers exceptional printing services at affordable prices. We serve individuals as well as businesses and organizations of all sizes.

We provide high quality commercial printing, graphic design, and mailing services. Our products range from basic business cards, envelopes, carbonless forms, brochures, full size vinyl banners to training manuals.

We offer digital printing for more affordable options as well as offset for classic finishes. Our clients include hair nail salons, churches, temples, schools, casinos, and banks, manufacturers, even state and county.

With EE Printing, our clients will always get an on Budget, on Time, and Guaranteed service. EE Printing is dedicated to giving you the best product and the best service at a competitive price.
We are committed to helping our clients succeed.

How did you get into printing?
Thao (Tory): My father and his partners opened up a print shop in 1995, capitalizing it with savings family earned working as a gardener. Years later, my father eventually bought his partner’s shares and ran it with my brother-in-law.
We bought the business from my father in 2007. We both always wanted to own a business.
Wes: Marrying Thao (Tory) made me realize I wanted to have my own business be my own boss. So, I started learning the trade from her brother after I graduated.
Thao (Tory): I feel like I’ve been in printing for a long time. When I was growing up, I would come in on the weekends with my siblings to help my dad sweep the floors, clean the machines, staple and bind documents.

What does the “EE” in EE Printing mean?
Thao (Tory): EE stands for “effective” and “efficient”.
Wes: I’m the effective one.
Thao (Tory): And I’m the efficient one. I’m always telling Wes, “Let’s just get this done!” But he’s the one who always tries to get it done right.
Wes: I want it to be perfect.

What principles guide your business?
Thao (Tory): Customer service. I watched my dad and what he would do to make customers happy. We like to please our clients and do what is best for them, so that they will return. Almost all of our clients do return. We get most of our business through referrals. When we help our clients grow their business through printing, we grow our business too. What was your first print job together?
Wes: Printing our wedding invitations!
Thao (Tory): I wanted them to look nice, so we raised the lettering, but that took a long time. I was anxious to get them done quickly too.
Wes: But I said we had to work on them until they were perfect. And they were.

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